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Barbara Pacyna :: Chairwoman My name's Barbara Pacyna. After less than a year long intership I've the pleasure to be the chairwoman of Association.
I graduated from European Academy of Technology & Management, specialization in management of European projects. Now I study Economics at the Catholic University of Lublin in Stalowa Wola. I completed the NGOs accounting course and a course in capital market investment. I'm interested in Economics, management and human resource management, investing and foreign languages. I like reading, travelling and spending my spare time in an active way. My ambitions does not allow me not to act, so I still learn by taking part in various courses and trainings.
I'm an ambitious person and still need to develop myself. I try to be tolerant and responsible. I appreciate, when people are honest, frank, engaged and have sense of humor.
e-mail: prezes@aofb.eu
Wioletta Pacholarz :: Vice President I was born on 29th of May 1990. I graduated from Maria Dabrowska's Technical School of Economy in Jarosław, gained a degree of formal qualifications of Economist and Technician. In the summer 2009 I took a language course of 50 lessons in English at 'Callan School of English' in London. I am currently a student at Catholic University of Lublin in Stalowa Wola. While studying, I try get more knowledge through participation in various meetings, training courses related to Economy, Business, banking and accounting areas. I completed training in Entrepreneurship with a positive result, obtaining the certificate. During the academic year, I wish to be actively involved in student life by attending the annual series of lectures 'School integration for creating business' . My interests are related to the world of Economy and Business, also interested in music, dance and art. I sometimes write poems. I always follow Walt Disney's quotes: 'The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing'
e-mail: wiletta.pacholarz@aofb.eu
Małgorzata Brzezińska :: Secretary My name's Małgorzata Brzezińska. I'm a student of Economics, specialization Accounting and Financial Management. I'm also a student of European Academy of Technology & Management settled in German castle in Oedheim, specialization: management of European projects. I'm a member of Leader's School. I took part in international exchange of Simulation Company (Slovakia). I took part in training Knowledge Spinaker II as well as Investments in the Capital Markets. I'm co-owner Gentle Finance. I like working in team. I spend my time in an active way: tennis, jogging, walk exercise, pilates, swimming. I like travelling. I'm optimist. My favorite quotation is "We can gain knowledge from the others but the wisdom we need to learn by ourselves".
e-mail: malgorzata.brzezinska@aofb.eu
Dariusz Guzik :: Treasurer My name is Dariusz Guzik. I have been working as a clerk for several years in one the Health Clinics in Stalowa Wola. I graduated in Entrepreneurship. It opened my mind to see the need to develop and promote creative thinking. Sport is my biggest passion; I go through life with the conviction, that we should never give up.
e-mail: dariusz.guzik@aofb.eu
Beata Rzekęć I am studying Economy at the Catholic University of Lublin in Stalowa Wola. I am certified Merchant Technique. Interested in Economy, especially in Human Resource Management Unit. In addition, I like photographing nature and walking in the mountains. My life is very active, but sometimes I like to sit in a quiet place, listen to the music and dream about the future. There are many aims I want to achieve, but I am still learning how to do it. It is a reason of my participation in the association, mainly for the culture and a business. I would like to gain an experience by working with other people, learn about their culture and, understand how to get involved and be engaged at my work. I think that 'I have to go through the life confidently, with a friendly attitude to the people, and then everything will be successful'.
e-mail: beata.rzekec@aofb.eu
Marta Madej Nazywam się Marta Madej. Ukończyłam Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych, o kierunku język angielski, tytuł mgr zdobyłam na AHE w Łodzi studiuj±c filologię angielsk± o specjalizacji translatorsko-biznesowej. W ci±gu ostatnich czterech lat z sukcesem prowadziłam własn± firmę Helen Doron Early English. Poza tym, wykonywałam liczne prace za granic±, które ukształtowały i wzmocniły mój charakter a co za tym idzie wniosły wiele do mojego rozwoju osobistego. Moja pasj± jest coaching i NLP, dzięki któremu nauczyłam się cieszyć życiem i odnosić sukcesy, zarówno w życiu prywatnym jak i zawodowym. Cechuje mnie silna osobowość, pracowitość, pozytywne myślenie i energia życiowa, a co za tym idzie spontaniczność i dynamizm. W wolnych chwilach ładuję moje akumulatorki spotykaj±c się ze znajomymi lub aktywnie spędzaj±c czas w klubie fitness. Uwielbiam podróżować, poznawać nowe kultury i nowych ludzi, zdecydowanie należę do osób ciekawych świata, tego co jeszcze nieznane i nieoczywiste dla wszystkich.
e-mail: marta.madej@aofb.eu
Patryk M. Olszowy The initiator and chairman of the Association of Business and Culture since 2011 till 2013.
Co-initiator of Gentle Finance.
Co-author of training series "Investments in the capital market in practice".
Graduate of Economics at the Catholic University of Lublin.
Graduate of European Academy of Technology & Management (Germany).
Graduate of Business Creation School at Catholic University in Lublin.
Author of business, scientific and public projects.
e-mail: patryk.olszowy@aofb.eu
Tomasz Miękina Firstly, I've the pleasure to be a member of association Art of Business. Secondly, I'm in 4 year at economics studies at KUL in Stalowa Wola. I like regularity and punctuality. My spare time, when it only shows up, devote for reading an interesting book or watching a good movie. In summertime I try to be active by riding bike. Moreover, I'm interested in informatics and computer systems. I've written a book about a fictive system. I can mend computers and phones with Android system. I love Tolkien's novels, especially these about Middle-Earth. I'm working on my own big novel. I'm convinced it'll appears soon.
e-mail: skarbnik@aofb.eu
Rafał D±browski My name is Rafał D±browski. I am studying the Economy and Law at the Catholic University of Lublin in Stalowa Wola. I am interested in: sports, automotive, computers and some other business companies. In my spare time I like watching good movies, or visit a nice place with my friends. I would like to develop my new passions and interests related to the Economy area. Hard work is a key to achieve a success, only if you want to do it.
e-mail: rafal.dabrowski@aofb.eu
Kornel Grobelny A student of the Law and Economy at the Catholic University of Lublin in Stalowa Wola. I was born on 16th of August 1989, in Gawrolin, near Warsaw, where I graduated Marshal Jozef Pilsudski 's Primary School , Secondary School, Gymnasium and High School . 2011/2012 -Coordinator of Criminal Law and Science 'Viribus Unitis' -2011/12. My achievements: good sports scores while studying in Secondary School in the category of cycling and gymnastics. Co-organizer of several conferences organized by WZPiNoG and 'Viribus Unitis'
e-mail: kornel.grobelny@aofb.eu
Mateusz Sztaba A student of Economy at the Catholic University in Stalowa Wola. I am a holder of several certificates of completed courses: - Accounting and Business on Computer (both certificates from the Higher School of Economics) - Certificate of completion of 'School Integration for Creating Business' of the Sciences of Economy, Business, Banking and Finance. My passions and interests are: investing in the business markets (mainly Forex, currency market, as well as stocks and commodities market), aviation, motorcycles, traveling and all types of sports.
e-mail: mateusz.sztaba@aofb.eu
Mateusz Garbacz I am studying Economy at the Catholic University of Lublin in Stalowa Wola. I also work as an Advisor in Electronic Department at one of the supermarkets, as all of my interests are related to technical innovations and technology. I live in Stalowa Wola. I would like to have an impact on the development of this vibrant city in the near future. I am ambitious person, having a creative and optimistic attitude. The association is a place to gain new experience and collaborate with others -together, we can achieve more!
e-mail: mateusz.garbacz@aofb.eu
Bartłomiej Muszyński Członek wspieraj±cy I'm keen on photography. That's my hobby and a way of live as well. I started studying Economics two years ago and I got interested in economy matters. Recently, I've been asked for cooperation in photography matters by Association Art of Business. I like this idea and I decided to become a support member.
e-mail: ? bartlomiej.muszynski@aofb.eu
Aleksandra Wachowiak My name's Aleksandra Wachowiak. I'm interested in issues of environment. That's why I've decided to take up studies about renewable energy sources and waste management at University in Wrocław. I believe in myself and in my skills. I believe that everybody is able to be successful. I'm empathic and hard-working.
e-mail: alekstandra.wachowiak@aofb.eu
Amanda Firosz Nazywam się Amanda Firosz. Urodziłam się w Stalowej Woli w lutym 1992 roku. Przez pewien okres do czasu matury pełniłam funkcję przewodnicz±cej w Zespole Szkół Ogólnokształc±cych w Grębowie. Po skończeniu szkoły średniej, a dokładniej Liceum Ogólnokształcącego na profilu językowym postanowiłam zmienić ukierunkowanie i wybrać Uczelnię techniczn±. Obecnie jestem na trzecim roku Zarz±dzania i Inżynierii Produkcji na Politechnice Rzeszowskiej. Działam także w Samorz±dzie Studenckim, jak również stoję na czele Samorz±du Studenckiego Zamiejscowego Ośrodka Politechniki Rzeszowskiej w Stalowej Woli. Chętnie poznaje nowe środowiska, otoczenia i zwyczaje. Bardzo lubię spędzać czas z innymi ludźmi, nie tylko z przyjaciółmi, wymieniać się pomysłami i rozmawiać o wizjach i kreowaniu naszej przyszłości. Myślę, że każdy z nas rozwija się na swój własny sposób, jednak inni zawsze s± nam potrzebni, aby wesprzeć w trudniejszych chwilach i przypomnieć, że nie wolno się w życiu poddawać.
e-mail: amanda.firosz@aofb.eu

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